My Star Trek Collection, part 1


My husband and I bought our property because it had this studio on it. Finally I had a place to display my collections. The building is 700 sq ft with a 12 ft ceiling. Even with all that room, I'm running out of space!

I collect not only Star Trek, but Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, English Royalty, Harry Potter and other stuff. These are photos of my Star Trek stuff.



Hallmark ornaments and ST TOS Enterprise phone. In the background is the ST lap board I made in high school, the oldest collectible I have, dating back to the original run of the series in the 1960s.


Next Gen playset


Next Gen warp core playset and a transporter


The playsets and VOY figures


TOS bridge set and Kirk and Spock figures




Hallmark ST figure ornaments



ST bookmarks



and posters


ST chess set, cards, keychain tricorder, minimates


ST mugs and glasses


ST games, puzzles and windshield screen


Next Gen pottery, wine bottle, figures



ST figure mugs, shuttlecraft radio, Borg figures



ST figure models



More ST 12 inch figures


Hanging cardboard Enterprise



ST playsets and Headliners


ST Strike Force playsets, bandaids, candy, cups and fry holder


Next Gen CD holder, 30th anniversary shuttlecraft, puzzle, card game, Women in ST holographic cards, DS 9 pencil toppers


Next Gen Bendíems display, alien bean bags, First Contact Cochran, DS9 Garak


ComicCon Kirk and Scotty; McCoy, Kirk, Spock figures, Next Gen figure set


Classic Enterprise, Micromachine vehicles, Alien Headliners


Christmas tree with ornaments showing ST characters on one side and photos of the actors from cons Iíve attended on the other. It used to also hold Hallmark ornaments, but became too small for the collection.





ST computer keyboard, trading cards, calendars


Cereal bowls, Galileo, box of figure parts, lunch bag, cups


More Hallmark ornaments, ST lunchbox


ST cards,  small stand-up, Next Gen figures, dioramas


Homemade ST clock, Spock figure and plaque,  Next Gen figure sets


Romulan ship, vehicle set

More in Part 2